Thanks to my closest inner circle I was able to realize my heart-project cum corde.
My massive thank you to the inspiring souls around me, in particular to Silke Witzsch, Mia Lange, Christiane Seiwald, Renate Fiedler, Kerstin Möller, Claudia Korthaus and Suse Güllert.
Each of them has played their very own role and put their individual personal passion into the creation of the herb card set. With long conversations and supportive attitudes, they empowered me to find out where the journey is going and have ensured me that to trust my gut and do my thing is the best I could possibly do. The self-confidence I gained with every long conversation we had was truly the wind beneath my wings and made, patiently accompanied by you, the implementation of cum corde possible.
I am so very grateful to have had you as friends, partners and companions on my journey.